Nature and Spirituality

Understanding spirituality

Nature and spirituality are the most fascinating domains of study as the both shape and guide the human beings in the right direction… Let’s understand first spirituality.

Spirituality is a certain yet eternal process of knowing about the reality of non-physical state. Many of us may have infinite unanswered questions about the cycle of life–birth and death. Also, we don’t know the world that begins with the loss of physical identity or existence. We know that there logic hardly works; so, we have to rely on the beliefs bequeathed by successive generations.

Relevancy in the modern world

The peace of mind cannot be achieved unless we solve the puzzle of mind. Today, there no is dearth of material things to live a better physically comfortable life. Yet, people are not free from the anxiety of mind about the finite nature of physical life. Undoubtedly, spirituality is the only process to liberate human being from the shackles of ignorance. It brings greater clarity of our existence and interconnections with infinity.

Religion and spirituality

Yes, religion is a organized way to know the reality about yourself. It doesn’t mean that religion is the only way. Actually, it is the one of the ways. It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not. Apart from religion, there are various means to reach at the ultimate destination.

No soul by birth is good or bad; but, it is the Karma that he or she does in the lifetime, makes so.

This is my little endeavour to make you know what I have experienced in my life journey.

Human’s  actions in question

Man nature relationship has been a subject of debate and discussion ever since the invention of technology. But, the pace of environment  degradation has been more than the pace of healing. As a results, threats for nature outpaced the healing process.

So far, irreparable damage has already been done by our greedy ambitions. Strangely, the guardian itself is responsible to create threats for its own life supporting system.

Here, I am going to present my opinions and ideas on the burning issues like, causes of extinction of species, challenges for ecosystems, natural disasters, climate change, and so on.

Encroachment by human in the domain of nature, has created many threats for nature in the form of pollution, global warming, climate change, and loss of biodiversity. Now, it is proved that the human interference is responsible for the loss.

The symbiotic relationship between man and nature has been eclipsed by the man’s soaring ambitions, beyond the carrying capacity of nature. And, today both are facing challenge of survival.

The subject matter of this field is infinite. But, I will make every effort to cover as much as I can. Let’s begin…

Relationship between nature and spirituality

Both are interdependent as the nature is the best source of knowledge about the reality of the world. Whereas, spirituality is the means to realize it. One is the learning laboratory; and, other is the guide of liberation. If we want to make human being more worthful; then we need both. So, the proper understanding and conservation deserves attention…