Politics and Socio-economic issues

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Difference between global warming and climate change

Global warming is a gradual process of rising atmospheric temperature over a period of time due to host of causal factors. Whereas, climate change is an alteration of climatic setup due to disturbance in major atmospheric elements, including temperature. Both terms global warming and climate change are closely interrelated, as well as interdependent. Hence, independent …

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Difference between socialism and capitalism

Both socialism and capitalism are two different political ideologies, adopted by various states in the world, as a means of social and economic development. One emphasizes more on egalitarian approach by focusing need of the society as a whole. Whereas, other rewards merits of individuals to accelerate the pace of progress. Both seems contradictory to …

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Principles of good governance

Good governance is a broad mechanism to accommodate every stakeholders in the process of inclusiveness, in terms of decision making and implementation. Simply, good governance means governing together to realize collective well-being. Here, I’m going to explain the basic principles of good governance for better insight of this issue. Principles are truth ridden normative rules …

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Good governance In India

The idea of good governance is commonly used for more inclusive process that mainly focuses on the active participation of public in the decision making, as well as implementation. In other words, it is a process of making public administration more responsive, transparent and people centric so that citizens could be transformed as an active …

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