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Friends, in the age of technological explosion, isolation is the only exception. Today, geographical and political barriers are less effective to limit the impacts of incidents and events, happening across the world. And, it is our duty to be a well knowledgeable about the news regarding  politics and Socio-economic issues in our world. Unquestionably, it is the least requirement for an actor of society to live a better life. In this blogs section, this is the key area of focus.

Undoubtedly, International agreements, summits, protocols, and disputes are key events which have strong bearing on our lives. Hence, need a different approach than mere news articles to take a deeper insight…

For clear understanding of key issues, cause…effect relationship of various factors need to be covered impartially.

Issues of national and importance

Truly, our world is in the organic solidarity with strong and unavoidable interdependence. Thereby, key issues of national importance are worthy of attention. Accordingly, vital issues of national or regional levels have great potential to alter even the global equations.

Overall, the content of blogs will incorporate issues that have high potentiality to affect the global atmosphere..

Political activities….

We know that the ambit of politics is fathomless. Also,  in the present unifying world, no other subject is as dynamic as the politics. Needless to say that political activities have profound impact on our daily lives.So, it deserves attention to study.

To understand the current activities, theoretical foundation is indispensable. Unless we have adequate theoretical base, we might take superficial overview, instead of indepth insight.

For this purpose, I have decided to ride on the multi-pronged strategy. For every activity, I am going to present a relevant theoretical base before further analysis.

This will help you to understand any issues more deeply. In addition, you may develop predicting ability about global affairs slowly but steadily.

Nowadays, mere news articles are nothing but the medium of entertainment. The degree of partiality is on the rise. For this purpose, My unique approach will definitely make you a self-guided analyst.

The purpose of my endeavour is to spread knowledge and not to heart the interests of anyone.

Economic development and Socio-economic Inequalities…..

The purpose of Socio-economic institutions is to fulfill the genuine needs of society with the available resources. In short, the ultimate goal of economics is to ensure enduring nature of society.

The priority of economic institutions should be development for underdeveloped, and poor should have the first right over nation’s resources.

Nowdays,various Socio-economic issues deserve attention for address. Judicious distribution and apportionment of common resource is indispensable for peaceful existence, otherwise chaos, disorder, and conflicts would be reality.


Today, we are in the world where plenty and poverty co-exists…

Through this means, my personal mission is to explore the various unaddressed Socio-economic issues to spread awareness.

Income inequalities, malnutrition, gender inequality, tribal exploitation, ethnic conflicts, farmers suicides, chrony capitalism, are some of issues on which I am going to present my ideas impartially.

After all, we must have the right to know the world in which we live.

Hope, content  of my upcoming blogs would serve your purpose…..